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We Offer a Full-cycle of Mobile App Development Services

There has been tremendous growth in the number of mobile and smartphone users over the last few years with users gaining more awareness and eagerness to take advantage of such devices. With the mobile technology providing easy to use apps for almost every one, there has been huge acceptance for new devices like VR headsets or smart watches etc. There is ongoing improvement with every device version that is brought into the market.

We at TNY Tech Plus are very passionate about designing and creating intuitive and user-friendly apps that capture your attention and engage you for an everlasting digital experience. Our mobile app development solutions are strategically planned & designed, continuously developed and thoroughly tested to offer best in class deliverables with the functionality that you need for effective utilization and satisfaction.



We discover more about your business, the requirements, what is important to you and what you wish to achieve. We put special efforts to perform a proper market study and find out the viability of the project.


App Design (UX/UI)

Our mobile app designers proceed with the final round of app designing, based upon the selected prototype. We ensure that the app design follows the OS design philosophy, while incorporating your ideas to perfection.


App Development

We work with the Agile methodology. According to Agile, the mobile application development process flow is divided into tasks per sprint. A sprint is a short period of time, usually two weeks, during which a certain portion of the development work is completed.


App Testing & QA

At TNY Tech Plus, we take Testing and QA very seriously, and follow standardized testing methodologies at every step of the development process to ensure 100% bug free apps.


App Launch and Publishing

We consider the application launch period critical to both ours and our client’s business. We aim to ensure smooth and flawless app rollout, since initial market reactions can make or break an app.


Post-launch Support

Our partnership does not end with the app launch. Our developers ensure that your customers keep on getting access to new and exciting features with time.

Why TNY Tech Plus?


From the Beginning to the End

We provide excellent services from the very beginning to the end including complimentary consultation, progress meetings, and website maintenance as well as updates.


Multi-language Support

We offer services in multiple languages (Cantonese/Mandarin/Japanese/Korean) to meet your needs in the global market.


Incredible Cost Performance

High-quality services with competitive pricing. Maximum performance ensures the best value for your cost.


Diversified Solutions

We offer templated and customized website solutions to best fit your business needs and goals.


Add-on Values

Besides IT services, we also provide suitable market strategies, cutting-edge technologies, creative ideas, and much more.


Precise Target Market

Extensive Know-How to support small to medium businesses.

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